Over 80% of the tshirt we print through the process of Screen Printing method, The most commonly ink used as plastisol, In light colour t-shirt, we also use waterbase print, which penetrates easily into fabric and yeild a softer finish. For each colour screen printing requires a new screen, positioning adjustment, drying and therefore has some minimum order quantities, but it's by far the best option for bright vibrant designs, dark t-shirts, durability and for designs upto 4 colours.


Our Screen Printing Process

Step 1: You give us design either in cdr, psd, ai or png format,our expert will review and rapair the design and send you the digital mockup.

Step 2: Once the mockup gets approved, our expert seperates screens on the basis of number of colours and prepare the design for printing.

Step 3: Each print is dried enough to make sure the print won’t crack, fade, peel, or wash off.

Step 4: Each tshirt then goes through quality check to make sure all the design has proper ink and positioning

Step 5; Customer gets call/watsapp and tracking details from our executive upon order completion,




Q1. What kind of ink do you use and how are you different from other screen printers?

Ans: We use the highest qualityt plastisol ink, it can be used in dark colour tshirt and highly versatile ink. Our design goes through heat process to make ink durable. Our printing expert has specialized degree and year of experience in scaling and colour mixing. We have over 90% Approval rate. We are uniquely positioned in using high quality plastisol ink, proper design scaling and proper colour mixing to make the design look vibrant which other printer rarely use/


Q2. What all product do you print and how many colours you accept in one design?

Ans: We print tshirts, lower, tank tops, sweatshirt, hoodie, bags, caps and number of other apparels. We accept upto 4 colours in one design.Size of the print has to be upto A3 size.


Q3. Which T-Shirt area do you print?

Ans: We print front upto a3 size, right and left sleeves and back upto a3 size.


Q4. What is the minimum quantity do you take in screen print?

Ans: For sample we accept even buk quantity for which the sample rate is applied and for bulk order we accept minimum 10 Pieces per design. Most company orders polo tshirt with their logo embroidered on front chest, sleeves. We at Taste of Fabric, have supplied polo tshirt with embroidery to over 200+ companies all across India. We go extramile to ensure the embroidery on polo looks amezing.


Our Embroidery Service Process:

Step1. You send the the design in png or pdf format. We send the design to our embroidery team who carefully examines the file.

Step2. Each individual tshirt goes through quality assurance process where additional stitches are cleaned up.

Step3. We ship the order along with the tracking code.



Embroidery FAQ

Q1. What is the maximum size you accept for an embroidery logo and how many colours?

Ans: Front Pocket size and maximum upto 6 colours.


Q2. What if i receive un-stitched or defective embroidery?

Ans: In case of any manufacturing defect, we raplace the product with immediate effect..


Q3. What is the minimum order you accept for embroidery and how much time you take to ship after placing the order?

Ans: Minimum we accept 10 Pieces Per design and average time we take to ship is 5-7 working days.


Q4. Do you accept embroidery in round neck tshirt also?

Ans: Over 99% embroidery order is for polo tshirt, However we accept embroidery on round neck tshirt as well.


Sublimation Print:

Sublimation print is mostly used for promotion purpose, Here are some pre-requisite criteria for sublimation print.

1: Light colour tshirt such as white, neon, yellow..
2: Only polyester dry fit tshirts. Advantages of Sublimation print.
1:Cheap and fast printing merthod.
2:Ideal for promotional or distribution purpose.
3. Size No bar, Colour No bar.
4. ideal for photo print.


Sublimation print mostly never fades, crack or peel, there's litrally no colour limitations on sumlimation print, from vibrant glowing face to beautiful scenery, you can print almost anything you want through this technique. Sublimation print is one of our most popular because it doesn't fade, peel or crack, its very cheap and fast process as compared to any other print.

Q1. Is there any size and quantity limitation for sublimation print?
Ans: There's no size limitation for sublimation print, from Pocket size ot all over print, you can have it all.

Q2. Sublimation print is possible in cotton light colour ts-hirts?
Ans: Sublimation print is possible only in light polyester fabric.

Q3. How prices are determined in sublimation print?
Ans: With the increase in quantity prce of sublimation print decreases considerabely and comes


Design Review & Repair

Timely delivery, Our utmost priority.

Our business model revolves around exceptional customer service, We try our best to deliver ordered product under timeline, Once we accept your order, our team sends you sample mockup before production. Upon completion of the order, we send you tracking details along with invoice. If any of the tshirt is found defective, we immediately replace it with new one.


File we accept: For best result, we accept CDR, AI, PSD, PNG OR PDF ffile. If you have special text design, we may also need font file, However if you want to complete the process faster, we recommend for cdr file.

Pixilation: Once we accept the design file, our first priority is to clear the pixalation issue so that it won't look brocken or choppy


Placement & Centering

We're known for our placement & positioning, We carefully check that your design is placed perfectly on your apparel, We correct any minnor issue that we find and send for the printing.


Adjusting Print size for Adults, Men's & Women's.

If you're ordering for Men's, Women's or kids, We will make sure your print will fit on all your apparel, We adjust print sizes according to t-shirt sizes.

Ink Colour- Apparel Colour Contrast.
Its extremely important for all your designs to be in contrast with apparel colour, fir example, white colour ink looks visible in dark colour apparel and dark colour ink looks visible in light colour apparel, but if you try to put orange colour ink on yellow colour apparel, that would not be much visible, we recommend you to focus on apparel - ink cotrast, which is key for vibrant print, We also notify this concern by call or watsapp or email before going ahead with such type of print.

Printing Full Colour Images on Apparel

Removing background images and printing full images can be done on light colour polyester t-shirt. We receive plenty of orders from customers asking for full images on tshirt which is not very expensive also. For example, if a customer is going for group vacation, party promotion, marathon, or birthday party. Our designer first converts that png image into cdr and then send it for sublimation printing.


Printing Location

We can print on almost any location on your garments, including sleeves, sweatpants legs, sweatshirt hoods and pockets, and even on the inside of your apparel!

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